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INSO Awards Working towards finding the New Innovations to make life easier in all aspects, Innovation is the process of creating and implementing a new idea. It is the process of taking great ideas and converting them into useful products to general life. These useful ideas are the result of creativity, which is the prerequisite for innovation. Creativity in the ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make useful association among ideas. Creativity provides new ideas for quality improvement in organizations and innovation puts these ideas into action.

Here you can find the Latest Innovation across globe in the form of e-papers.


Call for Papers for Publication in Highly Indexed Journals

Original research papers and review papers are invited from Research Scholars, P.G. & U.G. Students for the publication in Highly Indexed Journals in their field.

Journal for Publication:

SCOPUS, Google Scholar, etc..

  • JARDCS (Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems) - SCOPUS - 60 Days
  • JCDR (Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research) - SCOPUS, EBSCO- 60 Days
  • IJPR (International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research) - SCOPUS- 60 Days
  • Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy - SCOPUS, EBSCO - 80 Days
  • Journal of critical reviews - SCOPUS - 60 Days
  • IJNAA (International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications) - SCOPUS, ESCI
  • NeuroQuantology - 100 Days
  • IJECSE (International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education) - SCOPUS - 150 Days